1Q. What are the types of projects and opportunities that Sriven IT offers?
Sriven IT's client base represents a wide variety of industries and ranges from small businesses to Fortune 500 firms. This diversity allows our consultants to gain exposure to many different working environments and projects. We also perform outsourced software development for clients, allowing consultants to build solutions in a focused development environment in our offshore and onsite offices.

At Sriven IT, we focus on applying the right technology to solve business problems. Recent examples of our consultants' assignments include :

→ Web application development and implementation
→ Web integration of an ERP application
→ Website development and SEO
→ Application Server Administration and Integration
→ CRM enhancement and support
→ Project management for client implementation
→ Software testing and QA

2Q. Why do consultants stay with Sriven IT and refer their friends to Sriven IT?
Consulting is a relationship business, pure and simple. The daily interactions with our clients, consultants and candidates define who we are. Sriven IT prides itself on upfront communication throughout the process. Setting realistic expectations upfront makes for successful relationships and successful consultants. We provide best compensation package with flexibility to allow the candidate to select the services that are most import to them.

3Q. If my contract comes to an end, what will Sriven IT's effort to remarket me?
We have an excellent track record at remarketing consultants following successful completion of an assignment. As soon as we are aware that a consultant has an outdate, we update the consultant on current opportunities and the outlook within our client base. Open communication is the key to successful remarketing.

4Q. What is the difference between Sriven IT and other consulting firms?Basic Life and AD & D Insurance?
Many consulting firms have management with marketing knowledge without solid IT experience. Other firms have management that is well versed in technology but have little business experience. At Sriven IT, our management has in-depth experience in both areas. This enables to deliver solutions that practically address the business needs through impact technology.
Sriven IT believes in open, direct communication with our clients, employees and candidates. Setting proper expectations with all involved allows for the best possible outcome in the staffing process.

5Q. What kind of industries does Sriven IT serve?
Sriven IT has provided solutions for a number of industries including: Retails, Hospitality, Health care, Transportation, Software Development, Shipping Services, Telecommunications, Insurance and Financial Services.

6Q. What types of services Sriven IT generally provide?
Software Architecture, Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Administration and Maintenance.

7Q. How much experience consultants does Sriven IT provide?
We have access to a variety of consultants, ranging from the most senior to entry level. This allows us to provide our clients with the level of expertise appropriate to their need.

8Q. How does the Sriven IT compensation plan work and what are the main benefits?
Sriven IT provide as much flexibility as possible in our compensation package to allow individuals to maximize those benefits that are most important to them.

Our Compensation Package Includes :

→Paid Time Off
→Health Insurance
→Dental and Vision Insurance
→Short-Term Disability
→Long-Term Disability
→Life Insurance