Content Management Services

With the upsurge of content in a variety of forms -- from Web and electronic documents to image and media files -- enterprises need effective Enterprise Content Management systems (ECM) to sustain access to relevant information across the business.

Sriven IT methodology for Content Management System deployment helps you successfully implement a technology platform that:

→ Satisfies business requirements across the enterprise
→ Meets corporate technology standards to ensure support and up-time
→ "Future-proofs" the application so that investments made today can be leveraged and extended into the future
→ Automates the appropriate workflows to provide the necessary editorial control
→ Removes content publication 'choke points' such as the webmaster bottleneck
→ Separates content from presentation, allowing content to be easily leveraged for reuse in a multitude of applications
→ Defines a metadata taxonomy for correct re-usage of information

Sriven IT Enterprise Content Management Services :

The overwhelming glut of business information glut has created business challenges across industries. Sriven IT expertise in Content Management provides time-saving solutions for both your employees and customers. Our services include:

→ ECM architecture and workflow strategy design consulting
→ Packaged WCMS/CMS/DMS implementation services
→ Migration, integration and maintenance services
→ Managed data services

Additional technology specific solutions are available including scanning, records management, electronic mail and message management, Integration with physical repositories (storage array and special solutions), and Digital Asset Management (DAM) services.

Sriven IT has deep cross-platform implementation experience on each of the major platforms including Microsoft SharePoint, Interwoven, Vignette, Documentum, and Oracle.