Agile Methodology

Sriven IT addresses the complex software development projects using Agile processes which increase the probability of successful development and return on investment. We practice Agile/Scrum, Iterative and Incremental processes of software development.

Scrum project management process is an important part of Agile; that helps to extract usable products from complex problems. This process helps us work more efficiently and be highly responsive to changing requirements.

Scrum addresses the complexity of software development projects by implementing the inspection, adaptation and visibility requirements of process control with a set of simple practices and rules.

The core of Scrum is the iteration; which is driven with a list of requirements. At the start of iteration, the team reviews what is needed to complete the product. The team then selects what it can turn into an increment of potentially shippable functionality by the end of the iteration. At the end of the iteration, the team presents the functionality it built to the project stakeholders for adaption to the project. This cycle repeats until all requirement backlogs are complete.

There are three Scrum roles: the Product Owner, the Team, and the Scrum Master. All management responsibilities in a project are divided among these three roles.